Monday, May 26, 2008

mice & men themes (UGH!)

The shade climbed up the hills toward the top. On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little gray, sculptured stones." (Chapter 1.)Of Mice and Men is a film that is drowned in symbols to show what Steinbeck wants reader to see. He does a fantastic job of using animals and how they relate to the characters.First, Candy's dog for example is extremely old, and useless. Just like the dog, Candy is old, broken down and really no use around the ranch. They boss even gave him the job of sweeping up, and keeping up with the chickens, because of his one arm. When reading about the dog, readers think of sickness and how he symbolizes that. Carlson even tells Candy him as "Got no teeth, he's all stiff with rheumatism. He ain't no good to you, Candy." They then tell somehow persue Candy to let them shoot him, because he's sick and if he really loves him, he wouldn't want him to suffer.Although Candy's dog is alive, he pretty much represents death. Old, miserable, and really is no point for the dog to be alive. Candy's dog and himself are both old and on the verge of death it's kind of pointless for them to be around. However, they are around because they have some life in them. It would be just cruel to kill them but they are suffereing. Bit of a dilemma, wouldn't you say?

Candy and his dog represent, death, sickness and even the ending of dreams. Although they are old and uesless doesn't mean they can't be cured from sickness and off life support, and it surely doesn't mean they can't have dreams. However, Candy for example is a perfect example. He makes plans with George and Lennie, but his dreams cease when Lennie kills Curly's wife and everything is forced down hill. I guess things don't work out in your favor, when you over think things.

In conclusion, Of Mice and Men is a mega awesome novel filled with symbols that represent or reflect a character. This book is a must read because it's filled with loads of english class appliances that any teacher would want their student to read. Trust me, you don't want to upset them, you know english teachers and their lessons on symbols...

empire Of DA SUN

Most living beings take pride in their country and heritage. In the movie Empire of the Sun it is hard for the viewer to tell who and what that main character Jim is loyal to. Throughout the movie Jim shows pride in being British, being an American adoptee and the Japanese winning the war against Chine the country he lives in.Jim is a young boy that is raised in British China. All the houses in his neighborhood are British. All the luxuries of Europe are in his small town in China. Even though he was born and raised in China he had the upbringing of a well to do British Family. Jim doesn’t really have anything to do with the Chinese culture. So it would be reasonable that he would take pride in being British.As the movie progresses Jim meets an American man named Basie. They are both thrown into a Japanese prison camp and Jim stays with the British and Basie stays with the Americans. Jim likes his American friends and he doesn’t want to live with the British anymore. So he does some dangerous things to get the respect of the Americans. He takes pride in his accomplishments and is proud that the Americans actually like him. As surprising as it would seem, Jim even befriends and supports the Japanese, the same people that took everything that he had and separated him from his family. Hi sings a fair well song to the Kamikaze pilot s and cheers on their fighter planes when they fly by. It even seems like he wouldn’t mind if they won the war.So who is Jim loyal to? He finds it hard to let go of his British life, he would rather live with the Americans than the British, and he supports the Japanese in their fight against the British and Americans. I think that Jim isn’t loyal to just the British or the Americans, or the Japanese. Jim is loyal to the people that surround him; the people that he lives with, the people that reach out to him, the people that he relates to are the people that he supports.

Of mice and Men

The theme that I have chosen for my Mice and Men essay is the American dream. That is because in this book everyone has a dream. The three main people who had dreams were Lennie, George, Candy and Curley’s wife.Curley’s wife had a big dream to be a movie star. "Went out to the riverside dance palace with him, he says he was going to put me in the movie. Soon he got back to Hollywood he was gonna write to me about it." But they were playing her dream because they didn’t care about her big dream that she had. She was only women in the plot.In this book lennie had a dream. His dream was a little place. Lennie wanted a tend rabbits. Although he had a mind of a young child he still has a dream. He wanted a big land were he and George can called their own and also a farm.George, Lennie and Candy shared the same dream which was to live off of the "fat of the land" by getting an acre of land and a home they can call their own. George & Lennie wanted to be their own bosses. Lennie’s only dream was to tend to the rabbits.In this book every one had a dream, but different dreams.I think Steinbeck wanted to show people how everyone has a dream of their own. People like Lennie who had the mind of a young child he had a dream. Some people’s dream is to become a movie star but other people always put your dream on line, because they said I will called you back when I come back from Hollywood. But they lie to you they all got you hop up but it never happen like Curley’s Wife. A man who put his dream on hold to take care of someone who are unable to think own this and can’t survive on his own.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Today in service learning we wrote letters to the people that sent ms. klose a letter telling her that they would enjoy having us as partners and be enthusiastic in supporting our school. We also had a conversation about how we would continue this next year.


Today in service learning we talked about millersville being as though everybody that's in my group are going to the state competition. We also hand in all of our work that needed to be handed in.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Goals for Service learning

Our goals for service learning's fundred dollar bill fundraiser is to get $1,000,000's worth of fundred dollar bills. The following is a list of where we would need to go :

1. Constitution Center- because there are a vast amount of tourists that attend there and could look at our fundraiser as souvenirs

2. Penns landing- Because there are numerous events that go on there at this part of the year

3. City hall- Because Many people are around there at all parts of the day

Monday, May 5, 2008

REFLECTION 4/24-4/25

Today we sat in the IMC and begen looking at places where we could basically set up shop for our fundred dollar business. I found that we should go to places that are heavily populated like the constitution center or Penns Landing.


This week we talked about how the people called mrs. klose and told her that they wanted us to do the fundred dollar bill fund-raiser with them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

empire of the sun

Empire of the sun was a memorial movie of it's time being as though this movie was released in 1987 and it looks like a 21st century flick. It was about a young boy whose name was Jamie but went by Jim. The setting was set when japan and china was at war. One day when japan attacked the Chinese city jamie was in he got seperated by his family. After his seperation with his family he began living with a man named basie and they got put into a japanese concentration camp. later in the story which was a few years later america bombed there camp and saved them.

Throughout the movie Steven Speilberg took great camera angles. Some Camera angles were symbolic in the movie. For example, there was a scene were you seen his room at the beginning of the movie

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday in service learning we watched Ms. close's picture collage of when she went to new orleans and then we watched a movie

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My Information

E-Mail address:
Topics 4 1st meeting: Have a fundraiser

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy

1.Knowledge - What happened when Jack and Bigger left the pool room?
-When they left the pool room they went to tehe movie theatre.

2. Comprehension - What differences exist between Bigger and Buddy?
-Bigger is the son that does not listen to his mother, he is also the man of his house. Buddy is the obedient son. He cares about his family.

3. Application - What factor cold have possibliy changed if Bigger was th eone found in the fire place?
-The incident wouldn't have made it to the press because he was blacka nd he already had a record.

4. Analysis - What were some of the motives behind Bigger starting a fight with us?
-Bigger was scared of robbing Old Blum's and Gus wasn't sure the he wanted to rob him so they started fighting.

5. Synthesis - Can you see a possible solution to Bigger scaring his sister with the rat?
-There could have been more possible solutions for Bigger when he killed the rat. He could of just tookthe rat to the trash like his mother asked him. Being the disobedient son instead of listening to his mother he scared his sister.

6 Evaluation - How would you have handled the situation when Mary told you that she wasn't going to the university?
-If I was the driver and she told me she was going to meet a friend and she wasn't going to the university I would of drove her where she wanted to go. Even though by doing that I could of got in trouble by her parents I wouldn't of cared. If I would of got in trouble I would of just took the blame because I know her parents wouldn't of believed me. Since I was black I could of lost my job and her parents wold of believed her because they think she is a good girl.

Monday, March 3, 2008

5 independent service learning ideas

1. Go to a retirement home
2.Go to the Breast-Cancer Foundation
3. Go to the HIV/Aids program and help out
4. Create another garden
5. Paint more murals

Friday, February 29, 2008


Main Entry:
Inflected Form(s):
plural blas·phe·mies
13th century
1 a: the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God b: the act of claiming the attributes of deity2: irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable

Missing: Where Could They Be?

This is Shawanda Smith reporting from the scene of Mr. Dalton house this was the last place that Mary Dalton was seen. Copes have one person in custody a negro man about 20-years old. He is said to be Mr. Dalton driver. The nigger boy said that Mary is not missing but has run away. That is all on this story but if you have any information about this case call the free hotline. Hope to have more information about this case and back to you Dimitris.

This is Dimitris Koutsialis reporting live from what is now a crime scene. It has been 4days from the last time that I reporting and asking you for help to find Mary Dalton who was said to be missing. In this house behind me is were Mary’s body lay she was found in side if the furnace it is said that here body was burned for so long that only bones were found. Her head was not located with her body when they found the head it was badly beaten her head was cut off. There is now a man hunt for Mr.Dalton driver a nigger that goes by the name Bigger Thomas if you know the were about of Bigger Thomas feel free to call.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chapter 3- Shut up and drive

this part in the book is when Bigger just started working for Mr.
Dalton and he had to take Mary any were that she wonted to go and she just turned into another person she stared smoking and she asked Bigger was he going to tell.

I think that Richard Wright wrote this part in the book because he people have to personality for example Mary was a good girl when she was in the house with her family but when she is by her self she gets drunk and smoke

Chapter 2 - Nightstick 29-31

This chapter is about Bigger and Jack in the movie thearter masterbating and talking about how they wish there girlfriends were ther and what they would do to them if they were there.

I think that Richard Wright wrote this part in the book because he was trying to be funny an tell what boys talk about and do when there girl friends are not around and what boy talk like and how they act.

Chapter 1- Get down or laydown

Gus walked in side late for the job and bigger know that it was not to late to go but he had to pick a fight so they would not have to go rod a white man. When Gus came in to the pool hall Bigger made a fool of him he beat him up and then he put a knife to his neck and made him lick it.

I think this part was made because he wonted to let people know that even if you are big and you try to act big but there is always a weak spot in you that you are always scared of something and but you have to act big in font of your friends so they think that you are not scared of anything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I. Family
A. that it could actually get worse
B. mother
II. neighborhood
A. guns
1. that I don't fear a gun or the person behind it
2. not afraid to die
III. temptation
A. lust that may lead to a jr.
IV. being numb
V. only fear god

Monday, January 14, 2008

Annotated Bibliography This website is giving a historic record of cultures who bared and believed in tattoo’s - This Source is informing the reader about how tattoos came around and why people chose tattoos over piercing source informs the reader about how tattoos are looked upon in the Christian religion. - This website was giving an in-depth history and outlook on the art of tattooing.

Tomrell Hunter- This source has a tattoo saying “In God I trust”

Tiana Brown- This source has a tattoo of her mother and fathers name and a picture of M&M’s

Diante Cowen-

Andrew Howard-

Alberto Romero-

Bad Boys And Tough Tattoos: A social history of the tattoo with gangs, sailors and street-corner punks 1950-1965 By:Samuel L. Stewarts- This is a book informing the reader about what tattoo’s were around in the 1900’s

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Should religion Be Taught in school?

Personally, I don’t think that religion should be banned from school. However, I don’t believe that we should be forced into religion in school or have mandatory classes on religion. Don’t get me wrong I am a Christian but I could see where people against religion in schools are coming from because, well… It hasn’t been proven.

I believe that If a teacher is Muslim and is a women they should be able to wear their kemars, vials and over garments while teaching. I don’t believe that they should have to take it off. I think that teachers should be able to teach religion in classrooms without persuading or leading students in believing what that teacher believes in. I believe that because just because it is a religion people should still know about it.

Dimitris Koutsialis


I am working with David Tillmon. We are working on the history of tattoos in America. Last year I did a paper on John Fusaro and I realized that it would have been easier if I did something that I was interested in. So This year I 'm doing tattoos and I'm doing a documentary.. So hopefully it would be easier this year